Income Reports

July 2019 Income Report: $0.70

Here’s my July 2019 income report! I made a ton this month, and I want to shorten it up since I’ve been including the same things each month.

What did I spend money on this month?

  1. $15.00 – Facebook Ads

Total: $15.00

I threw another $15 at Facebook ads this month towards my target demographic (which is married or engaged young women with interests in Christianity, mental illness, or chronic illness 😉 – but if you don’t fit into all of those I still love you!!). It seemed like it paid off even better this month, since I made several times as much.

How did I make money this month?

Still entirely through Google AdSense, which seems to be working out well for me and I think I can continue to make a lot from it.

My Adsense report from July 2019.

How Google AdSense works is basically you insert a script into your website and Google puts all sorts of ads on the site! I like these ads because they’re pretty unobtrusive. I think as I get more page views (I’m up to over 700 a month now!), I will get more money from Google AdSense. It’s going to be a while before I actually get paid out, since the threshold is $100. I have about a dollar in there right now.

How will I make money next month?

I’m hoping to get more from Google AdSense, as well as some of the affiliate programs I’m a part of (there are some in this very post!). I haven’t got anything from affiliate programs yet, so I’m still waiting to see that line of income open up. I think it will as I add more posts with affiliate links and grow my page views. Unfortunately, I was removed from the Amazon Affiliates program since I didn’t have any purchases, so that wipes out the majority of the affiliate links on my site. If I start getting some through Etsy, then I will probably reapply.

Do you have anything else that would help to know about my monthly income? Do you want me to keep doing these each month?

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