Bible Journaling on a Budget!

So I’ve been trying to get into Bible journaling over the past couple of weeks. I got a journaling Bible on Easter Sunday, and since then I’ve been doing an illustration each day or so. But something I’ve noticed a lot on Pinterest is that some of these seem to be so involved and require so much materials! I saw one that was really cool, but it required transferring an image off of what I think was wallpaper. It’s absolutely beautiful, but I just can’t fathom spending a ton of money to decorate a page that no one other than me will see (most likely). A lot of Bible journaling tutorials seem to require special pens or washiest tapes, and although I have those things, I don’t want to buy any more.

I want to show you guys how to start Bible journalling for just a few dollars! I think I spent about $22 for all of my supplies, including the Bible itself. The links I’m going to include have it for a lot more expensive, but if you check out your local Half Price Books for Bibles, they should have some for pretty cheap – I got a brand new, unopened journaling Bible there for maybe $15!

The Journaling Bible

So, first thing’s first – the Bible itself. I use the NIV Journal the Word Bible for my Bible journaling, and I really like this Bible because it has lightly lined margins, and a good amount of room. I can’t write in a straight line to save my life, so I really like how this allows me to create art but still stay ‘on track’ so to speak. I’m not sure how much I like this translation – I’m used to some verses being different, but they are all effectively the same meaning. There are journaling Bibles for most translations, so I think you could find something else that would work.

You can see the little lines on the pages, hence why my writing looks so clear! Sorry for my messy table. I was doing several things at once.

Supplies for Bible Journaling

So the only supplies I’ve used so far are just Crayola colored pencils! I know there are a lot of fancy hand lettering colored pencils out there, but I don’t think I’m at that level of art yet. I like the colored pencils themselves, but these ones in particular are for little kids so they are pretty short (which I didn’t realize when I bought them). I think if I was buying again, I’d get something like this.

How Do I Start?

The way I would do it is just to find a verse that has a noun in it, to be honest. Or something that you can think of easily to do a little illustration with. The first one I did was “He is Risen” for Easter, and I drew a little cross on a hill next to the text. The next one I did is from one of the psalms, talking about a deer, so I drew a deer. You don’t have to draw a noun with everything, but I find that easier than just trying to come up with a creative lettering style on my own. And remember that it really doesn’t matter what it looks like! It’s more about beautifying the Word in any way you can and absorbing it into your heart. The art is the least important thing here.


I really like Bible journaling this way! I think I’m going to keep working on it. Here’s some of my art!

Do you guys do Bible journaling? What are your favorite verses to letter?

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