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April 2019 Income Report: $0.07

So it’s not anything too exciting, but I have made my first money blogging! I’ve been blogging since late January on this website, and I’ll tell you you have to spend some to make some. I definitely haven’t recuperated the losses from starting up my blog, nor the marketing materials I’ve purchased since then. But I’m hoping that May will be an even better month for income! And without further ado, my April 2019 income report!

So what did I spend money on to start up my blog?

  1. $72.57 – 1 year of hosting and domain name through GoDaddy
  2. $25.00 – Taylor Stanford’s 30 Days to Blog Success (affiliate link)
  3. $127.98 – 2 years of SSL through GoDaddy
  4. $119.00 – 1 year of Tailwind Plus

Total: $344.55

The second three were spent this month, totaling $271.98. So, didn’t quite break even yet.

30 Days to Blog Success

I did want to take a second to talk about Taylor’s 30 Days to Blog Success course. I feel like this has been really helpful to me! It’s talked me through starting a blog (which I’d already done), but also had a lot of tips I wouldn’t have expected and I think it will help me make even more money in May! I highly recommend it to anyone! It’s usually $50.00 but I got it for half off during a special enrollment period.

SSL Certificate

As a software developer, I definitely think that SSL certificates are a plus. It adds to your Google rankings (seriously, Google doesn’t like to rank websites without an SSL certificate, so if Google rankings are your goal, definitely do it!)


Tailwind is awesome. I love how easy it makes Pinterest, and how I don’t have to constantly be on top of my Pinterest. I have mine set to post 25 times per day, so it posts around that often on my blog Pinterest and hopefully that gets more people to see my blog! There are a lot of tutorials out there on how to get Tailwind set up for Pinterest automation.

How did I make money this month?

Well, entirely through Google AdSense – all my $0.07! Here’s a screenshot of my Google AdSense from April 30th!

How Google AdSense works is basically you insert a script into your website and Google puts all sorts of ads on the site! If you’re looking on mobile, you probably see them – I haven’t seen any Google AdSense ads on my desktop version (but I might just be blocked from seeing them because I’m logged into my Google account). I like these ads because they’re pretty unobtrusive. I think as I get more page views (I only have about 200 a month), I will get more money from Google AdSense. It’s going to be a while before I actually get paid out.

How will I make money next month?

I’m hoping to get more from Google AdSense, as well as some of the affiliate programs I’m a part of (there are some in this very post!). I haven’t got anything from affiliate programs yet, so I’m still waiting to see that line of income open up. I think it will as I add more posts with affiliate links and grow my page views.

Do you have anything else that would help to know about my monthly income? Do you want me to keep doing these each month?

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