A Catholic Walks into a Baptist Church (on Easter)

My Easter this year has been different than other years, although every year my Easter seems to be different. My parents live about two hours away, and my fiancé’s parents were out of town, so we are having Easter by ourselves. Our only Christian friends invited us to their church (Baptist), and since my fiancé is resistant to going to a Catholic church, we decided to go check it out. And let me tell you, dear reader, I really liked it!

I loved the song and the flow of service, how they went smoothly from song to scripture reading and back to song. The sermon went into great detail about how Luke’s gospel and accounts of the first Easter went, and I thought that was really cool. My fiancé and I agreed afterwards that there was probably an equal amount of scripture study in a Catholic service, just not all at once. But, wow. I was not expecting to feel the love so much in a church I’d never been to, in a community full of people I didn’t know. I didn’t expect to be personally prayed for and wished luck on my wedding by the pastor. And what I didn’t expect most… is that I want to go back!

Our friends (left) and us (right) this morning after the service.

I know, it really flares up the Catholic guilt to even think about not going to Mass on Sundays. But really, what does it matter? I can still be Christian if I go to a different church. I can still believe my Catholic beliefs and go to a different church. And I know somebody is going to pull out that I’m not being Catholic right, but my fiancé isn’t Catholic and has no plans to be. Why is it more important to go to Mass alone than to go to another church with my fiancé, who’s going to be my husband in five months?

But that might just be my fear talking. To be honest, I don’t really know what I’m going to do yet. I could just send him to the Baptist church and go to Mass myself. But I definitely want to do something if it’s going to bring us closer to each other and to God. And isn’t that the most important thing?

What did you guys do for Easter? And what do you think I should do?

I also bought this adorable journaling Bible today! Hoping I get a chance to use it soon.

2 thoughts on “A Catholic Walks into a Baptist Church (on Easter)”

  1. Well, for us Catholics participating in the Eucharist is really important too, which is really only possible in the Catholic Mass… I would encourage you to go to Mass as many Sundays as you can, and maybe Dan can come sometimes if he wants, and honestly, in your situation, if I wanted to still go to a service with my significant other I would probably just do both Mass and the other service on the same day…

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