4 Essentials for a Fibromyalgia Flareup

Something I might not have shared with you guys yet is that I have fibromyalgia. I was only diagnosed recently, but it’s been a part of my life since at least high school. I always wondered why simple things, like walking around for a little while or going up stairs, caused so much pain for me – and now I know! Honestly, it’s comforting to finally have a diagnosis. But recently I had a pretty bad flareup (caused by going to the amusement park and then helping my friend paint her spare bedroom), and from Tuesday night through Thursday night I had to deal with barely being able to function. That’s why I wasn’t able to publish my normal post on Wednesday – I couldn’t even move off my couch to get my laptop half the time! So here are some fibromyalgia flareup essentials that helped me through this time.

1. Gatorade

This one is honestly what helped me the most! I used to always hate Gatorade, but after trying several flavors I’ve finally decided I like the orange flavor – you can buy a 12 pack here. It’s really helpful for flareups because for me, I basically feel like I have the flu and no amount of water helps me feel less dry in my throat. I was also super dizzy each morning when I woke up due to a drop in blood sugar, so the sugar in Gatorade really helped me be able to start my day without passing out. It also helped me get some calories in when I was too tired to cook.

2. Warm, Fuzzy Blankets

Another symptom of my flareups is being absolutely freezing. I spent most of the time on my couch, laying under blankets no matter how high I had the thermostat up. I don’t think any of the blankets I have are on Amazon, but I have one almost exactly like this one in red. It was really nice during my flareup because if I was particularly cold I could flip it to the sherpa side, and if I was a bit warmer I could use the fleece side.

3. Cane

I recently started using a cane during flareups and it’s proven to be quite helpful for the weak joints in my knees and hips. This one is pretty similar to the one I use, and I really like the offset design so I’m not putting all of my weight on one spot. It feels like having a third leg, which really helps me to get around the house. I also always bring it to church because during the services we are standing for about half an hour at a time, which is far longer than my joints will let me – so it is something I use at least once a week.

4. TV to Watch

The last one is arguably the most important! I was too tired to do much other than look at my phone (couldn’t even play video games), so I watched A LOT of TV while I was not feeling well. I have been rewatching Hell’s Kitchen, which you can watch (I think every season) on Amazon Prime, but they have a lot of other shows as well. I just started season 12! I spend most of the day watching TV while I’m out looking for a new job, so I have Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime (I know, I’m spoiled) and have been watching them a lot.

So there you have it, my fibromyalgia flareup essentials list! Do you guys suffer from a chronic illness? What helps you guys during a flareup?

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